Rainy Forest Wedding

Alina and Daniel in Cologne

Regnigt skogsbröllop

I feel so overwhelmed to actually be able to call this my job. Like what? You mean I can meet beautiful souls like those two, Alina and Daniel, hear their story and capture their love in my own creative way in the form of pictures? And also collaborate with other creative businesses and create some magic. Well yes, I can. For real. I really need to remind myself of that from time to time.

I am a feelings person, and that is what I do best, capture feelings and make people feel relaxed and to be themselves all the way in front of my camera. But I must admit that when they wear pretty stuff like this, I love that too. Can you see all the feels from this couple? That is definitely the best thing about this job anyway, to make people see their own love from another point of view

To get all the pretty stuff:
Dress, accessories and jewellery for her: @noni_mode 
Flowers: @goldregenfloraldesign 
His clothes & accessories: @herrenbude

Get in the mood. Press play!

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